Friday, May 18, 2012

Division 93 - Marguerite Poccardi (1907-1920)

I have always found this a curious work. A young girl, probably Marguerite herself, does not appear to be sad or grieving or otherwise in anguish but simply and mildly curious about the person standing in front of her grave. Curious for all eternity. . .

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  1. Hi there Steve, this is a fabulous site you have. I was searching for something (that I can't remember now) and stumbled across your blog, I have been on here for over an hour, admiring your photos. Great photos and information, you have inspired me to go back to Pere Lachaise on my next visit to Paris. The Hector Guimard is so understated and stylish. There is a website dedicated to him, where they are looking for photos, you might look them up.
    Keep up the great work!